About Me

I have always had an interest in healthcare and a particularly fascination In birth. I started my journey as a first responder but, I decided to take a break and ended up not returning following the birth of my first baby.
I had specifically started considered becoming a doula during my pregnancy. I had planned for a homebirth because I wanted a very natural birth in the comfort of my home and partially from fear of the hospital. I had the most loving and caring doula and midwife team. After many hours in labor my exhaustion brought us to the hospital where we found our baby was sunny side up and we opted for a c section. In those moments I was terrified but my husband, doula, the nurses at the hospital and my midwife all gave me so much love, comfort and reassurance that I decided I had to offer that same empowerment and care to families. Within 3 months of my birth I started my journey to becoming a birth doula and I am looking forward to assisting and loving as many families as I can.

-Sarah Kreif